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Lexis Reality has been in the sole selling sector for years & has been successful in gaining the faith of the clients & to achieve phenomenal success. So by choosing us, we promise to deliver you with the best of our efforts for the betterment of your company & to deliver you with what you wish for.

Lexis Reality has helped several well-known & prestigious real estate companies to sell their projects & give them satisfactory outputs beyond their expectations.

Well, it’s the matter of how huge the project is, the number of flats, apartments & properties in it & also the overall cost ratio. But our analysis & strategies make us meet the timely sales of projects.


A sole selling agent is an individual, firm, or agency that is given the contract & exclusive rights to sell a particular property completely on its own & at a concerning cost.

Open listing, exclusive right to sell listing & exclusive agency listing is probably the most considerable types of listing.

Sole selling is an agreement done between the company & the sole selling agency to market a particular property. That sole selling agency is entitled to a fee if there is any disposal of the property while the agent’s agreement is in force.

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